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Friday, January 4, 2013

20 DotA2 Beta Keys Giveaway

Go to the Giveaway Youtube Video comment there..
or Comment Here why you want to have a Beta Key.


1st. Like the Video.
2nd. Like our Facebook Fan Page ----> Like Us on Facebook
      " Leave a comment in the Page if what is your'e name in Youtube "
3rd. Subscribe to my Channel ----> Subscribe to My Youtube Channel!
4th. Comment why you want to have a Beta Key "Leave you're Steam ID"
5th. Visit Here for more information ----> For more Info. Visit us Here.
6th. Wait..hehe..

The First 7 who can comment here Will get the Invite
End in Middle of February

You must be a subscriber in youtube.


I want to have a Beta Key because blah blah blah

-(Steam name) dialogo021
Watch this & Read the Description.


  1. hey , its me zesty cupap , now do i have to comment on this blog???

    1. Yup...That's Good...First 7 Who can comment will have his Beta Key.

  2. so , anything else that i had to do , because i have do everything that you tell to have the beta key ... :)